In the past few years:
Ágnes wrote tourism development strategies for several Hungarian regions;
teaches at Budapest Business School;
became president of the Association of Tourism Development Experts and Consultants.

István specialized in the field of integrated, cloud-based hotel systems: PMS, booking engine, channel manager, online payment gateway.


The HONIFO Tourism Consulting Ltd. is the non-exclusive reseller of the YieldPlanet Channel Manager software in Hungary  in 2014-2015
Premium Apartmanház
Premium Apartment House, Budapest, 133 flats
Director of sales and marketing between 2009-2013: István Holczer.
Birdsong Family Hotel Zala
Birdsong Family Hotel Zala
Re-opened hotel in Zalaszentlászló, 26 rooms and apartments
Pre-opening director of sales and marketing until August 2014: Holczer Ágnes
Hotel Bonvino****
Hotel Bonvino Badacsony Wine & SPA****
Five-day training in the following fields:hotel operation (Front office, Housekeeping). Sales and marketing.
Guest-relation management, complaint management.
Zichy Park Hotel****
Zichy Park Hotel**** Bikács, 47 rooms
Crisis management in 2008-2009.
Director of sales and marketing: Ágnes Holczer. General manager: István Holczer
Violin**** Szállodahajó
Violin Boat Hotel****
Participative consultancy on developing the marketing plan and future sales and marketing activities in he first quarter of 2008.
Bad and Ski Pansion
Bad & Ski Pension, Austria, Bad Kleinkircheim
Support of the re-opening of the family pension in December 2007.
Hotel Fergius**** am Weissensee
Fergius Hotel**** Weissensee, Austria (37 rooms)
CFO and controlleur in the hotel: Istvan Holczer.
Sales and marketing in Hungary: Ágnes Holczer
March – November 2007
A Jonathermal, Kiskunmajsai
Audit of the accomodation complex: resort-village, pension, camping, motel.
Revising the operational procedures and sales & marketing policies, practices.
Hotel Aquarell****, Cegléd
Best Western Hotel**** Aquarell, Cegléd, 100 rooms
Director of sales marketing (pre-opening periode and afterwards): Ágnes Holczer
Pre-opening director: István Holczer
Hotelinfo-Magar Turizmus Kártya
Director of sales, marketing and PR activities of the Hungary Tourism Card between 1999-2010: Ágnes Holczer
Consultancy on the Balaton Card: Ágnes Holczer
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