The ways we can help you in the age of Web X.0

  • Advice for choosing the appropriate Content Management System
    The hotel’s website is the most important communication tool. This is your “Lightsaber or Jedi Sword”. Your website is never ready: you have new rates, new promos, best deals. This is the only place where you can shine without limitation. The limit is only your fantasy, creativity and computer literacy. There are more than 100 CMS software, finding the appropriate one is not an easy job.
  • Webdesign tips
    The WEB is not about technology, it is about communication, The design trends changes from month to month. What constant is: Content is king. Less is often more on the WEB.
  • We do usability and UX (user experience) test
    We had to learn from our experiences: the visitor does not use our website the way we supposed. The only way to avoid this pitfalls is creating personas and testing. More about this topic later in our blog section.
  • We give you help interpreting Google Analytics data
    The number of visitiors is only the tip of the iceberg. Do you see how the visitor goes from page to page? Where he leaves your site. Did you define any conversion goal?
  • We help you to enhance your presence on the Online Travel Agency portals.(, HRS etc.)
    We examine the description of your property whether the message about your USP “comes through”.
  • Suggestions to the az online social presence
    hunting for Facebook likes or promotion of your product in a measurable way?
  • Entire management of the online presence of a property
    we take over all the activities including your online sales and communication
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