The ways we can help you in the field of sales and marketing

  • full audit of the marketing and sales activities
    From the perspective of the guest and based on professional criteria.
    The result we deliver you in a written summery which contains advices for resolving the issues.
  • developing complet or partial marketing plan
    creating an integrated yearly plan, or just lauching a campaign either offline or online • action plan for enhancing the online presence of the property
  • establishing sales strategy, yearly sales plan
  • interim sales and/or marketing management
    for a fixed period taking over the the sales tasks in order the property could have the time for finding the best solution
  • on-site trainings
    for all employees who are in contact due their position with the guest, i.e. for the front -and back office, housekeeping, F&B department
  • planning and executing researches
    wich focus on measuring the hotel’s reputation and image, the guest satisfaction and the coworker’s satisfaction, the working atmosphere. Testing the services must be done on a continouos basis, and this is essential in maintaining and increasing the level of service. Besides this gives help to reveal the new guest’s expectations and the quick reaction to these is key to the success in standing out from the competitors.
  • PR and customer care
    managing the in-house communication • guest complaint -and review management off and online
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